You're seeing this page because the new owner who sublet the Diner on Abercorn from Rick Passio didn't honor his last wishes after passing away.
That included keeping certain people in place and maintaining valued relationships. I know Rick would have never approved the locks being changed, or letting key people go who made the Diner on Abercorn special.
Since faith, truth, character, and integrity was Rick's guiding light is the reason you're seeing this message and in my opinion is why I and many other patrons refuse to step foot inside the Diner again.
We kept this website up without payment since Rick's passing but allowing the new owner to profit from our hard work without compensation can't be tolerated. Like Rick, I'm generous to a fault but there's use, then there's abuse.
In our efforts to seek back payment, I thought I would do a "Passio Forward" by suggesting the owner divert our rightful monthly payments (which we never received) to the manager of the Diner who stood by Rick's side. She's a single mom, needed the money and was unfairly and wrongfully demoted.

Rick used to talk about having a blind date with Karma. I disagreed. I said anyone with a conscience knows exactly what to expect. Based on some of the heartfelt reviews and a desperate name change, I'd say Karma is working out just fine.

Miss you Rick. I miss our debates, views on politics, business advice and bad jokes. You simply worked yourself to death helping others. You provided homes for the homeless, money and purpose for people in need.
You were your own church and by far the most decent man I've ever known.